15 Week Bumpdate

There’s something special about reaching 15 weeks of pregnancy. You’re completely out of the first trimester, you’re (hopefully) feeling better, you (likely) have a tiny bump growing and a new little baby starts to feel like a reality! I’m so excited! So read on to hear all the details about how things are going for me at 15 weeks pregnant.


I had an appointment earlier this week and baby’s heartbeat was 160. Just like my firstborn, this baby was moving, moving, moving making it hard for my midwife to really focus in on the heartbeat. But we eventually got a good listen and all is well. It’s always such a sweet moment of relief when we get to hear the little one.

I have officially been approved to try to give birth at an out-of-hospital birthing center again this time. Unfortunately, I developed preeclampsia at week 41 of my last pregnancy and had to be induced at the hospital so I never even labored at the birthing center. This time, they have me on a low-dose aspirin regimen as well as homeopathics, supplements, and dietary suggestions to try to keep my blood pressure down. As long as everything goes well, I am incredibly pumped to be able to use the birth center. Keep praying for health for me, please!


At 15 weeks, I feel like my belly is huuuuge compared to my first pregnancy. Last time I was just barely starting to pop at this point but now I’m well into my maternity jeans and a complete stranger commented on my pregnant belly the other day! (He must have been one brave man 😂.) I’m constantly deciding between wearing something fitted that accentuates my growing belly and wearing something looser that still hides it (barely). Its that tricky stage where I mostly just look like I have a food baby, so it takes a bit longer to pick out clothes lately. I’m really looking forward to having a nice round belly to dress in the summer this time around.

Even though being a second time mom means I’m getting bigger faster, there are certainly some perks to this as well. As I mentioned before, this baby is a mover and I’ve been so thrilled to be able to feel it every once in awhile. In my first pregnancy, I didn’t start feeling baby until 17 weeks but because experienced mothers know what it feels like, they can often feel the baby much sooner. It’s such a sweet and wondrous part of pregnancy and I’m so grateful for it.

On the other hand, the second my belly became obvious, the lower back pain set in. This was my main complaint last pregnancy so I wasn’t surprised when it started but I definitely forgot how much of a challenge it is. Fortunately, I love prenatal yoga, sitting on an exercise ball, stretching, and visiting the chiropractor, all of which I am doing regularly now. They all really help and will make the next six months much more tolerable.


At 15 weeks pregnant, I have gained anywhere from about 2-4 pounds, depending on how well I eat the day before I weigh. I have always loved food. All food. As much as I love fruit and vegetables and eating well balanced meals, I am also a sucker for less than healthy food. I love eating out and have struggled with portion sizes my whole life. But knowing how important it is for both baby and me, I usually find it a bit easier to stay on track when I’m pregnant. But above all, I find balance is most important. So I’m not afraid to splurge sometimes (every weekend).

If I’ve had any craving so far, it’s been orange juice and grapefruit. I’ve always loved orange juice but I’ve NEVER liked grapefruit before. A couple weeks ago, we celebrated Easter at my grandparent’s home. They had just returned from Texas with fresh grapefruit and it suddenly looked so delicious to me. I decided to try it, expecting not to like it and surprisingly I couldn’t stop eating it! The same thing happened with green peppers in my last pregnancy (so weird.)

Anytime I experience strong cravings I’m always intrigued by why my body seems to want that particular food. So I usually do some research on that food and see what’s in it that my body could be needing. Of course, grapefruit is full of Vitamin C, antioxidants, calcium and fiber which are all things I could use more of. But I was especially amazed to find out that there is some evidence that grapefruit can actually lower blood pressure all on its own. As I mentioned earlier, this is very important to me to try to avoid getting preeclampsia this pregnancy. It’s amazing how well the human body knows what it needs.

Pregnant or not, I have found that regular exercise is an extremely important part of my adult life. I’ve always been a naturally stressed-out person but working out helps me regulate it tremendously. I sleep better, my circulation is better, I have more energy, and am happier overall. Plus I can eat more food (yayyyy)! Getting off the couch and exercising was the last thing I wanted to do during first trimester nausea but it made an amazing difference each time I did. So at this point, I spend anywhere from 20-60 minutes about 3-5 times a week doing prenatal cardio, strength, and yoga workouts on YouTube. I loooove YouTube for this kind of thing. There’s so many options which means you don’t get bored and you can tailor your workout to meet your needs for that day. I highly recommend it!


If you follow me on social media, you may know that my husband and I are currently debating if we’re going to find out the sex of the baby this time. I think it would be an amazing surprise to wait until birth. What a reward after all that labor. But my husband is so excited to find out ASAP and I can’t really blame him. Our ultrasound is scheduled for mid-May so we have a couple more weeks to decide. Either way, we can’t wait to see the baby!

That’s all for now! What was life like for you at 15 weeks pregnant? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading ❤️