Cleaning Charts for Happy Homemaking

The other day I was vacuuming my floors {yet again} and thinking about how Mom life consists of doing the same things over and over with no real idea of how much I’m actually doing. Some days I wrestle with the fear that I’m not doing enough while other days I fall into the trap of self pity, wishing all my hard work would be noticed and rewarded. And while there’s nothing I would rather be than a stay-at-home Mom, I do sometimes miss having structure and assignments and deadlines.

Always take breaks from mopping for duck faces

So an idea popped into my head. Why don’t I just make a cleaning chart? It would sort chores based on how often they need done and then I could just mark the date I did it. How easy!

Now don’t get me wrong, in other stages of life I probably would have gagged myself at an idea like this but in this stage of life cleaning charts are perfect and beautiful and I love them. I can easily see what needs done and I don’t have to gross myself out wondering how long it’s been since certain areas of my house have been cleaned. It adds structure and clarity to my role as a homemaker in the midst of chaotic days and I don’t have to constantly be writing “mop kitchen” on my to-do list. Best of all I get to open my cute binder, check things off with a cool pen and realize that I have actually done a lot of important things to keep my house running. It’s the little things.

So I have two charts, one for things that need done almost daily and one for chores I do anywhere from once a week to once a year. Every time I do a chore I write down the date in the corresponding box. For chores that need done more often than once a month, I write every single date I do that chore in the box. These charts are still new in my house so I will be editing them as I see fit over the next couple months.

Every family and every house is different so this specific chart may need altering to meet your needs. However, if you find my chart matches your cleaning schedule fairly closely, feel free to copy it! I hope this brings simplicity and joy into your home like it has mine! Happy homemaking!


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